‪Saint Albans


St Albans Farmer’s Market

More than just healthy local food, the farmer’s market is a hub of activities, information and community art in Saint Albans, WV.

St Albans Walking Club

The walking club promotes health, strengthens relationships, and unites neighbors around common goals.

Garden Club

The garden club promotes healthy activity, self-confidence, and a low-barrier opportunity for citizen leadership.

Blessing Box

Helping to alleviate food insecurity amongst seniors and low income residents.

Community Events & Festivals

Our volunteers support community events and festivals which strengthen relationships, instill a sense of pride and stimulate economic growth.

Advisory Panel

  • Julie White – Chair
  • Mayor Scott James
  • Aly C. White
  • Norman Clerc
  • Michael Ervin
  • Jennifer Sutherland


Want To Work With Us?

The St. Albans On Purpose Project is funded by a grant from the West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council.


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