Harvard Study of Human Development

Scientists at Harvard University continue to work on a multi-generational study that examines how life experiences shape the overall human experience including health, wealth, careers, marriage and many other facets. They also examine the impact relationships have on humans as they develop and move through their adult years.

Theory of Normalization

Wolf Wolfensberger’s work on helping certain people encounter environments and situations that are comparable to the mainstream environment with the ability to add value to their society. These people had formerly been “devalued” by their society and his work lead to a change in trajectory of how people with disabilities and other devalued people were treated and what living conditions were considered appropriate.

The Cost of Loneliness Project

This project aims at identifying the impact loneliness has on people. They provide research and statistics about how loneliness affects many adults. They are working to combat loneliness with a variety of resources.

Strong Towns

Strong Towns is a new movement that helps communities build prosperity within themselves and helps citizens view the strength of their community in a new way. They offer various reading and training materials for citizens.

WV Center for Excellence in Disabilities

Through research and grants, the WV CED collects data on West Virginias who have disabilities and how that impacts their daily living. They also provide resources and support for families in WV who have a family member with an Intellectual or Developmental disability.

West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council

The West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council assists with helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities access the resources they need. They help support West Virginians and aim to improve self advocacy skills and inclusion in their communities. 

Person Centered Planning

Beth Mount created a way to help people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities plan for their future by incorporating social inclusion and self-direction. This approach focuses solely on the individual and their goals for the future as opposed to any outside forces that may typically determine a person’s path. 

Lou Brown on Inclusion

Lou Brown worked tirelessly for equity, opportunity, and inclusion for all people with disabilities, regardless of their level of need. He helped create TASH which combines research with action items to be incorporated at the government level as well as other multi-disciplinary functions. 

Inclusion Press

Inclusion Press is about inclusion — for all — in education and community. Here are resources to purchase, to download (free), and to research the deep history of inclusion.

Project Data on Participant Time Use Compared to ATUS

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community

Disability and Health Promotion

Disability and Health Information for Health Care Providers

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